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White Paper: Understand the Benefits of Composable and Interoperable APM

perform and transform with composable APM

To handle the challenges of operating today while transforming for the future, energy companies and other asset-intensive organizations must invest in the right processes and technologies. They need a digital foundation for Asset Performance Management (APM) that can scale and adapt with the growth and needs of their organization.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • Challenges with traditional or legacy architectures, particularly monolithic architectures
  • The advantages of microservices-based architectures and composability
  • Setting up your technology stack for seamless integration and interoperability
  • How GE Vernova’s modern, microservices-based APM architecture favors modularity, scalability, and agility
  • How GE Vernova's collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps operators gain flexibility with the ability to scale resources up and down