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Explore Proficy 2022

Watch this series of on-demand webinars to learn more about the exciting enhancements to the Proficy software family.

Proficy 2022: Second Annual Portfolio-Wide Release

Proficy Unified Launch Webinar Series 2022 | GE Digital

On Demand


With individual products releasing November 2021 through January 2022, it’s time to learn what’s coming:


  • iFIX 2022 (6.8)
  • CIMPLICITY 2022 (11.5)
  • Proficy Plant Applications 2022 (9.0)
  • Proficy Historian 2022 (10.0)
  • Proficy Operations Hub 2022 (2.5)
  • And more – for a total of nearly 10 new products releasing


Get an overview of these new products and hear how Validated Interoperability ensures you’re using components that are designed and tested to work together and drive value. Also, discover new portfolio-wide development including a low-code data flow engine, a common installation tool, security, and more.


PLC & SCADA Control Loop Optimization in Minutes

Unified Proficy Launch Webinar Series | PLC and SCADA Loop Control | GE Digital

On Demand


Learn how our latest version of Proficy CSense provides new tools for optimizing unhealthy control loops and creating simulations – in just minutes.


Unhealthy PID loops cause Process Variation – which leads to:


  • Equipment breaks
  • Downtime
  • Lower quality, throughput and OEE


Take a few minutes and fix those unhealthy PID loops. Let us show you how.

Proficy Smart Factory - Cloud OEE

Proficy Smart Factory cloud OEE | GE Digital online event

On Demand


Measure, control and improve your efficiency with our new managed service offering, hosted in cloud.


This new cloud-based operations management solution collects and analyzes data, and helps manage highly automated, fast-moving processes as well as slower moving, labor-intensive jobs.


Proficy Plant Applications 2022

Unified Proficy Launch 2022 | Proficy Plant Applications | GE Digital

On Demand


What’s our focus? Faster time to solution, better user experience, and expanded functionality to support our promise of being your single, seamless MES across process, discrete and mixed manufacturing.


Learn about Proficy Plant Applications 2022 with new features such as easier install and upgrade, low-code data flow engine, additional plug-ins with Proficy Operations Hub, ERP integration enhancements, significant UX improvements, support for 100+ lot execution, route enhancements, and more.

Proficy Historian 2022

Unified Proficy Launch 2022 | Proficy Historian | GE Digital

On Demand


Proficy Historian 2022 is a major new release of our enterprise data management platform. Attend this webinar to learn about:


  • Modern, portfolio-wide HTML5 Administrator improves productivity

  • New Asset Model Service creates context associated with Historian data

  • New Python-based Calculation Collector

  • 10x OLEDB performance increase and improved BI connectivity

  • Significant improvement in Collector throughput

Proficy Operations Hub Webinar | GE Digital

Proficy Operations Hub 2022

On Demand


See why customers are saying “Proficy Operations Hub will be the most used product in the business, including more than SAP.” Learn more about:


  • Core capabilities for Rapid Application Development
  • Options to integrate with Azure & AWS VM cloud infrastructures
  • Expanded widget libraries for data display and analysis
  • 3rd party systems integrations – OPC UA write support
  • Enhanced Proficy portfolio integrations
  • The new no-code/low-code Data Flow Editor for creating runtime logic
  • New native HMI builder integrations
iFIX 2022 Webinar | GE Digital

iFIX 2022

On Demand


Tackle your plant productivity challenges with iFIX 2022 updates.


Attend this webinar to learn about:


  • Reducing time for updates with our Quick Installer
  • Modeling enhancements that can support equipment variability
  • Simplified browsing of PLC and control systems via OPC UA and IGS
  • Simpler authentication management and improved security
  • Economical bundles for small to mid-sized HMI/SCADA implementations – with all the clients you need
  • How your hardware costs can be reduced through cloud infrastructure
  • Improvements in single-server scale – 64,000 tags per data type
CIMPLICITY 2022 Launch Webinar | GE Digital


On Demand


Learn how we are reducing time to solution by delivering on the #1 ask from customers: Python scripting, improving extensibility and ease of use.


  • Analytics through SCADA data and Python libraries (e.g. Pandas)
  • Reduced hardware costs through cloud infrastructure (Azure VM, AWS VM and hybrid cloud) and improved single-server scale
  • How you can centralize operations and facilitate remote access using cloud infrastructure
  • Improved alarm visualization for earlier detection and resolution


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Proficy Orchestration Hub 2022 | Launch webinar | GE Digital

Proficy Orchestration Hub 2022

On Demand


Are your manufacturing processes overwhelmed with varied products to meet consumer demands? Constant product innovation introduces variability and inefficiency into daily manufacturing processes. The greater the number of products and/or regulatory standards, the greater the problem of being out of sync with the latest product manufacturing information.


Proficy Orchestration Hub enables you to stay in sync with the constant updates to product manufacturing information. This solution, based on proven GE innovation, provides out-of-the-box tools to unify product manufacturing information from disparate data systems such as ERP and PLM, transforms and organizes this raw business-oriented information into production-ready formats including recipes and specifications, and orchestrates the information across your factory floor systems at a single site or multiple sites.


Tired of cobbling together plant systems or manually trying to capture the right product manufacturing data on paper? Increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve quality with Proficy Orchestration Hub and up-to-date manufacturing product data management at your fingertips.