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Transforming Service Delivery with the Industrial Internet

Transforming Service Delivery with the Industrial Internet | Whitepaper | GE Digital

There are few times in history when a perfect storm is poised to shift an entire industry. We are experiencing  such a time right now in original equipment manufacturing (OEM). Discover the three trends that are barreling down in parallel on equipment manufacturers, creating a post-sales environment that demands attention and provides tremendous opportunity.

Industrial  worker | GE Digital

Maximize customer lifetime value through after-sales service

Heavy industry is in a state of transition. This shift is creating an after-sales environment that’s providing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the opportunity to create new business models. And, those OEMs who are leading the market are relentlessly focusing on customer experience as a point of differentiation.


Uncover how OEMs can drive new value in after-sales service by harnessing the power of the Industrial Internet.