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Powering a Low Carbon Future

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Watch this exclusive fireside chat with GE Digital's Linda Rae, General Manager, Power Generation and Oil & Gas, GE Digital and Colin Parris, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. This online event is presented by Reuters Events.

During the session, we explore:

  • How the decarbonization of the power sector and electrification of energy-use sectors will have the most substantial impact on global carbon emissions
  • The critical role software plays to accelerate the transition to a lower carbon future
  • How the Energy Transition is impacting numerous customer workflows and creating innovation opportunities

Video highlights

Linda Rae and Colin Parris | GE Digital Leadership
  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:30 How is energy transformation causing a shift in business?
  • 3:50 How do we increase the speed of this energy transformation?
  • 7:00 How does the energy transition landscape vary by geography?
  • 10:00 What's the importance of technology to the energy transition?
  • 14:45 Do we have the technologies we need available today to advance the energy transition?
  • 19:45 Why is digital so important to the energy transition?
  • 24:00 How do we take cost out so we can spend more in R&D? What is needed?
  • 29:30 Is there any white space in R&D for what is needed in the energy transition?
  • 35:00 What is GE Digital doing in this area? Do you have customer examples across industries?
  • 39:00 Products that accelerate decarbonization, sustainability, and circularity
  • 46:10 Summarize why digital is so important to the energy transition

Digital in the Future of Energy

Digital in the Future of Energy
Digital in the Future of Energy
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Decarbonization is mission-critical

The global energy landscape will change more in the next 10 years than in the previous hundred. As the world’s energy sector moves away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources, industrial companies are challenged with addressing this transition in transformative ways.


Digitization will be key to making power-generating assets more efficient, the electric grid more secure and resilient, the aviation industry more sustainable, and helping manufacturers reduce waste.

Let GE Digital help you navigation the energy transition