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Proficy CSense

PLC & SCADA Control Loop Optimization in Minutes

PLC & SCADA Control Loop Optimization in Minutes | GE Digital Webinar

Learn how GE Digital's latest version of Proficy CSense provides new tools for optimizing unhealthy control loops and creating simulations – in just minutes.

Unhealthy PID loops cause Process Variation – which leads to:

  • Equipment breaks
  • Downtime
  • Lower quality, throughput and OEE

Take a few minutes and fix those unhealthy PID loops. Let us show you how.

Industrial analytics software that improves asset and process performance with a Process Digital Twin

CSense predictive analytics screenshot, process digital twin software from GE Digital

Proficy CSense

Proficy CSense from GEDigital uses AI and machine learning to enable process engineers to combine data across industrial data sources and rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, predict future performance, and automate actions to continuously improve quality, utilization, productivity, and delivery of operations.

Hear from our Proficy CSense Customers

Learn how GE Digital customers use Proficy CSense for predictive maintenance, reduced process variability, decreased downtime, and improved data integrity.


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