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iFIX Complete: Ready to Buy?

iFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital | screenshot

iFIX Complete features all the clients that you need at one, cost-effective price.

GE Digital delivers the proven HMI/SCADA and historian innovation used today by companies in nearly every industrial segment and every part of the world.

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iFIX Complete includes:

  • iFIX Plus Development/Runtime HMI/SCADA with 10,000 tags
  • Proficy Historian (Essentials) with 10,000 tags plus A&E and redundant iFIX collectors
  • iClient and iClient TS – As many iClients of any type as required per server
  • IGS Basic – all protocol families, more than 200
  • WIN-911 Essentials for alarm notification


Note: Number of clients can affect performance. While you may choose your number of clients without limit, architect systems to available server resources and your desired performance. 

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