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IDC - The Importance of an Industrial Focus for Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

IDC - The Importance of an Industrial Focus for Digital Transformation

The industrial landscape is in the middle of disruption. All companies, large and small, are looking for new ways to transform their business. 

Today, survival of the fittest is linked not to size or strength but to the ability to change — to move quickly, adapt, seize opportunities, and be agile. Transforming as a company will be required to thrive in this rapidly changing business environment. However, most industrial organizations have an additional hurdle to pass because these companies tend to have a culture that is resistant to change. The mindset is often, "If it's not broke, then don't fix it." Such a mindset results in an organization that is reactionary instead of proactive. Industrial organizations must push through the inertia because the risk of inaction is too high not to change. 

Across all industries, the digital transformation (DX) opportunity represents an increase in annual economic value of $18.5 trillion, or nearly 25% of global GDP. Indeed, the impact of incorporating digital initiatives cannot be overstated. IDC recently conducted an analysis of industrial organizations, comparing companies with digital initiatives in place and those without. 

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