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IDC: Building Your Digital Transformation Journey

IDC | Building Your Digital Transformation Journey | GE Digital

Capturing a piece of the digital transformation (DX) opportunity is at the center of business strategies today. Across all industries, this amounts to an opportunity for an increased annual economic value of $18.5 trillion, or nearly 25% of global GDP. The opportunity for industrial organizations is higher than many other segments, representing more than $4.5 trillion in annual value. This analysis is based off IDC DX research focused on the impact of digital technology and looks across the value chain – including upstream (supply chain), production (factory), and downstream (customer experience and product development).

No matter the organization or process, the economic opportunity for DX is immense and as a result, organizations have made investments in this area a top priority. In fact, over the past year global organizations have spent more than $1 trillion on digital transformation, with industrial organizations contributing more than a third of this spending. There are companies that are well underway in their transformation efforts, the longer you wait to start your DX journey the further behind you will fall.

Today, survival of the fittest is not linked to size or strength but to the ability to change — to move quickly, adapt, seize opportunities, and be agile. Transformation is driving manufacturers to rethink their technology strategy and that includes the incorporation of innovation accelerators such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Read the white paper from IDC.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

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Putting the Industrial Internet to work

Explore real-world examples of digital transformation in action. GE Digital’s clients exemplify the spirit of digital transformation and operational excellence. They are imaginative, inspired, and constantly in motion.

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