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IDC: APM and Digital Twin Solutions to Play a Pivotal Role in the Future of the Oil and Gas Sector

IDC report: APM and Digital Twin Solutions to Play a Pivotal Role in the Future of the O&G Sector

Oil and gas companies need to evolve into more agile and flexible organizations due to the volatile macroeconomic conditions, uncertain geopolitical situations, and ecological pressures they face. These companies can address these challenges by undertaking digital transformation (DX) initiatives that leverage the latest technology solutions.

Asset performance management (APM) solutions can have a transformational impact on businesses in the oil and gas industry, given their ability to connect ERP systems with inventory management platforms and safety/quality protocols.  Digital Twins add value to enterprise decision making, particularly as companies can be inundated with large amounts operational data. Organizations in the oil and gas industry are adopting digital twin solutions to visualize and query the past, current, or future performance of mission-critical assets.

Read how IDC views these new technologies and their impact in the Oil & Gas industry.  See how your organization can adopt APM and Digital Twin technology to optimize operations, reduce risk and increase profitability.


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