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Finding Hidden Risk | GE Digital White paper | Asset Performance Management
Predix Asset Performance Management

Finding Hidden Risk in Your Business

Learn how asset performance management can reduce risk and improve the bottom line.

Keep in mind one simple truth: all risks are interconnected and can have tangible, negative financial impacts. To mitigate risk, you must start at the source: the asset.

The list of risk factors driving the need for a comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) initiative is long, but can be grouped into five major categories, all related to the effective management of your production assets. These risks outline the challenges your company is already aware of or will be facing, and emphasize why leading global industrial companies use APM solutions to manage risk for Operational Excellence. 

Download the white paper today to understand how you can move your operations to best-in-class.

Explore GE Digital APM customer stories

Explore GE Digital APM customer stories

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Grid Asset Maintenance | GE Digital | APM software
Predix Asset Performance Management

GE optimizes Grid Asset Maintenance with Predix Asset Performance Management (APM)

Learn how GE Digital helped Grid Solutions’ customers manage their electrical grid assets so they can capitalize on their maintenance expenses to reduce…

Predix Asset Performance Management

A2A and GE Breathe New Life Into Old Assets

Read how A2A and GE work together to transform the Chivasso power plant, enabling load ramping at two-and-a-half times the standard rate.

Predix Asset Performance Management

Bruce Power Increases Nuclear Power Plant Efficiency to Power Ontario at Lower Cost with APM

Discover how APM helped Bruce Power become one of the top performing multi-unit CANDU plants in the world, by increasing efficiency and lowering costs.