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The Digital Energy Transformation

Digital Energy Transformation | GE Digital white paper

The global power industry is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 125.

The world is transitioning from an electricity system based primarily upon large, centralized generation and transmission and distribution (T&D) technologies, to one that also embraces distributed, digitally-enhanced, and low-carbon technologies. Traditional and emerging, physical and digital, large and small, are all converging to create a new twenty-first-century power network.

At GE, we believe that the future of energy is digital. This is why, after decades of providing software to the energy industry, we re-committed to digitalization in 2011 and built a world-class industrial software with predictive analytics capability.

Read how GE, together with our customers, is co-creating the future of energy across the globe. Download this white paper today.