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Electric Utilities

Building the utility data foundation: How to bring data together for AI/ML use cases

Building the utility data foundation

To realize the full power of grid orchestration, utilities must first harness the full power of energy data. But this is a monumental challenge, as energy data is bigger, generates faster, and is more dispersed than ever before.

But a new solution is available – one that eases energy data’s challenges via an IT architecture blueprint that greatly simplifies the process of utilizing critical data.

Join us for a comprehensive webinar where we delve into the core architectural components and capabilities required for accessing and utilizing the energy data needed for grid orchestration.

Takeaways will include:

  • Data integration capabilities and high-speed data mesh architecture principles that can power grid automation and AI-driven innovation.
  • Foundational principles and core technologies needed to implement and operate robust data integration.
  • How to craft a resilient and future-proof IT architecture blueprint that unlocks efficient, effective grid operations.

You will also learn from GE Vernova partners Itron and NET2GRID about how they are addressing challenges posed by renewables, EVs, capacity constraints, grid complexity, and other utility use cases using new data-driven IT architectural capabilities.


Webcast Speakers:

Bert Lutje Berenbroek

Stefan Zschiegner
Vice President of Product Management
Itron, Inc.

Thorsten Heller
Chief Innovation Officer, GridOS
GE Vernova

Jay Shah (Moderator)
Director of Product Marketing
GE Vernova