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Digitizing Equipment Manufacturing

The Power of IIoT in After-Sales Service

Digitalizing Equipment Manufacturing
Digitalizing Equipment Manufacturing
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GE Digital and Intel hosted a webcast that dove into the future state of IIoT, what it means for the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) industry, and how OEMs can capitalize on the opportunity to increase customer productivity and create new revenue streams.

Check out the highlights here then click below to watch the full webcast.

Overcoming equipment challenges in the semiconductor industry

Minimize unscheduled downtime

Preventing one hour of downtime can be worth $250,000 to a semiconductor manufacturer. Predicting when equipment downtime might occur and preventing it improves throughput for the semiconductor manufacturer. This also builds customer satisfaction and a strong relationship with the equipment manufacturer.

Reduce after-sales service costs

80-90% of equipment failures begin randomly, and “just-in-case” service technician staffing and spares inventory for unexpected downtime can be extremely costly. Leveraging condition-based and predictive techniques to detect issues before they fail enables leaner staffing and lower spare parts inventories.

Improve equipment reliability and yield

It’s commonly understood that downtime of critical production equipment impacts throughput. What isn’t common knowledge is that degraded performance from supporting equipment-like filters and fans can also have a significant impact on semiconductor quality and yield.

Deliver Product-as-a-Service

Equipment manufacturers and their customers are looking for Product-as-a-Service business models. These models often include high service level agreements (SLAs) and require new and better approaches to ensure uptime while managing costs.

Manage security

Security remains a top priority within the semiconductor fabrication plant. GE Digital's industrial portfolio is purpose-built with a high degree of security to protect all data and intellectual property.

Scaling predictive maintenance across the equipment install-base


Watch the SEMI webcast with GE Digital and Intel to learn how predictive maintenance is enabling growth and productivity across the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain.

Increase After-Sales Revenue with the Industrial Internet

Increase after-sales revenue with the industrial internet for the chemical industry


See how APM Health, featuring Intel technology, is helping OEMs understand the health and reliability of their equipment.

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