Webcast Replay: Tools and Strategies to Unlock New Revenue in Heavy Industry

The age of smart systems, equipment, and services

The growth rate in services has doubled the growth rate of manufacturing equipment sales in the last decade.

Heavy industry is in a state of transition. As equipment becomes commoditized, manufacturers are focusing on delivering superior customer support as a point of differentiation. With multifaceted and fast-moving supply chains, OEMs are turning to the Industrial Internet to drive customer satisfaction, control cost, and innovate.

Industrial GE engineers performing asset maintenance | APM | GE Digital

Powerful insights for improving asset service and efficiency

Fast, reliable, and accurate information creates an after-sales environment that increases lifetime customer value. By feeding sensor data through the Industrial Internet and into powerful applications like Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM) and Predix ServiceMax, OEMs are transforming their understanding of how equipment is performing in the field, and harnessing new insights to improve equipment service and efficiency.


Transform service delivery and new product development

  • Improve after-sales productivity

    One of the biggest challenges for OEMs is the ability to predict potential failures of customer equipment in the field. Predix APM delivers visibility into customer's real-time equipment health-enabling proactive equipment maintenance by predicting potential issues and addressing them before they occur. Predix APM addresses the critical areas of remote monitoring and diagnostics to drive predictive maintenance that minimizes cost and downtime.

  • Deliver smarter after-sales service

    OEM customers are challenged with effectively articulating equipment issues at times, making it difficult to dispatch a technician with the right expertise and the right parts to fix the job. Predix APM monitoring, analysis, and failure mode predictions help remote service organizations collaborate with their customers on maintenance activities. Once Predix APM identifies the issue, recommended actions are documented and sent to Predix ServiceMax as an automatic service request. With this integration, OEMs can align product expertise, tasks, and dependent parts to deliver seamless after-sales service.

  • Accelerate the product design cycle

    New product development can be challenging for equipment manufacturers because it's often hard to know how it's being used in the field. Digital transformation is creating new opportunities to feed operations and service data back into product design and production, connecting manufacturing best practices with real-time, real-world feedback. See how the OEM community is innovating faster by re-imagining the asset value chain.

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