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How Can Digital Transformation Help the Chemical Industry?

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    Connecting and Visualizing Your Chemical Operations

    By connecting and digitizing a wide variety of assets and systems, you gain visibility into processes as they relate to equipment, while making sure safety and environment performance remain a top priority.

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    Gaining Insights to Improve Operational Efficiency

    By aggregating data into a centralized system, you are empowered to quickly make accurate, more informed decisions around maintenance and production planning, energy consumption, and health and safety conditions.

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    Implementing Business Model Innovation

    Now that you have visibility into risks and production performance, you move away from thinking about your assets as a liability and pivot to new business opportunities, such as driving increased or flexible production to meet market demands, without adding capital expenses.

How can the chemical industry seize IIoT technology innovations? Report by Harbor Research.

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    Cristal Global reduces risk, saving £2.12 MM per year using risk based inspection.

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    Magnelec integrates multiple data sources to mitigate risk and automate work processes.

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  • Vale Fertilizantes saves $1.4MM in production losses with Predix Asset Performance Management.

    Vale Fertilizantes saves $1.4MM in production losses with Predix Asset Performance Management.

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The Framework for Digital Transformation




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Digitize Your Assets

Leveraging digital twin technology of a production plant’s physical design, along with historical asset data and advanced data analytics to run simulations and answer what-if questions.

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Adjust to Environments

Incorporate both the operating environment and regulatory environment into product design ensuring compliance, safety, security, and environmental factors are met.

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Optimize Operations

Implement data science models to run production process simulations and feed digital twin technology.

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New Business Models

Embrace digital twin technology to create virtual digital representation of your production plant.

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