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What does Digital Transformation mean for the Airline Industry?

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    What does Digital Transformation mean for the Airline Industry?

    By digitizing your assets and connecting data from multiple sources, airlines can track the true cost of operations and maintenance, optimize aircraft and crew scheduling, develop real-time visibility into asset performance, and reduce unnecessary parts inventory, fuel costs, and foreseeable delays.

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    Gaining Operational Insight through Predictive Operations

    Leveraging Predix, the platform for the Industrial Internet, enables airlines to get better visibility across their fleet, service time, and maintenance challenges, which can help drive more profitable business decisions based on deeper data insights.

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    Embracing the Aviation Ecosystem

    GE has a long history with the Aviation Industry— over 33,000 jet engines in service today. Together, both we and our partner ecosystem are continuously innovating on Predix to increase efficiency, improve safety and lower overall costs.

The Framework for Digital Transformation




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Digitize Your Assets

Leverage digital twin technology to aid long term decision making around aircraft overhaul, upgrade, and replacement planning.

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Adjust to Environments

Anticipate weather events and plan to minimize financial, customer, employee, and equipment impact.

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Optimize Operations

Respond quickly and efficiently to disruptions, including operational and aircraft issues to minimize network impact and costs.

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New Business Models

Drive revenue and margin by anticipating upcoming operations and maintenance costs accurately.

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Digitize Your Assets

Gain a better understanding of data and analytics through proven technology solutions to drive digital industrial transformation.

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Adjust to Environments

Respond efficiently to disruptions with the appropriate tradeoffs among costs and customer satisfaction—always keeping safety, security, and regulatory compliance at the forefront of decision making.

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Optimize Operations

Efficiently operate to your scheduled flight plan—while improving on-time performance, adjusting for crew scheduling limitations, and responding to disruptions—all to limit operational costs, maintain revenue, and increase crew/customer satisfaction.

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New Business Models

Improve on-time performance with predictable cost models and minimal schedule changes, due to equipment and crew availability.

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Digitize Your Assets

Optimize maintenance to maximize safety while minimizing unplanned downtime and costs through digital twin technology.

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Adjust to Environments

Understand the impact of the operating environment on asset maintenance and service interval variation through deeper analytics and insights.

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Optimize Operations

Leverage edge-to-cloud connectivity to respond efficiently to minimize disruptions due to unplanned aircraft maintenance issues.

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New Business Models

Drive new revenue streams and margin by reducing the overall cost of maintenance, while improving asset reliability.

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Aviation Customers on Their Digital Journey

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    GE Aviation Muskegon moves to condition-based maintenance with APM.

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