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Greenhouse Gas Emission Management

Measuring, managing and optimizing your path to net-zero

Explore the Carbon Inventory Calculator
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Enabling the future of decarbonization to meet your compliance and investor objectives.



What is Measured is Managed

Greenhouse gas management is one of the single most important problems for industry today. But enterprises are currently managing this data with antiquated and piecemeal tools putting future compliance and ESG goals at risk.

Your Reality is Complex

Industrial companies are not like retail. As a part of GE, we understand the complexity of your operations and the challenges you face to navigate the energy transition. We believe next generation solutions will be required for industrial enterprises to meet and exceed your objectives.

Industrial Carbon Management

GE Digital is prototyping and piloting an Industrial Enterprise Carbon Accounting application to help industry overcome these challenges. Our goal is to help our industrial customers achieve net zero emissions.

GE Digital in partnership with our customers is shaping the future of Industrial Carbon Management

Explore the prototype Carbon Inventory Calculator for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

With greenhouse gas emission management there are major challenges in the industry today with data collection, quality, and traceability across your enterprise. Below you can explore some the core feature sets we believe are required to reenvision your carbon accounting and set your path to net zero.

Corporate value chain accounting and reporting


Automated and Simple


  • Tools for collecting GHG data for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.
  • Simple setup and data entry approach for front-line EHS personnel for scenarios that cannot be automated
  • Quality control alerts to ensure complete and quality data at the point of entry
  • Narrative input to explain devisions from normal 


What gets measured gets managed. But measurement can be hard! Make it easy on the front-line so when the data is captured, it's 99% accurate.


Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Setting emission standards


Secure, Auditable, Traceable


  • Auditing traceability across footprint GHG data to input data artifacts
  • View supporting narrative for differences in data form prior reporting period
  • Data traceability to clearly understand what data was changed, when was it changed, who changed it, and why 


Your auditor should be a watchdog and not an investigator.

GHG Health Report | Screenshot | Decarbonization




  • Simple integration to ESG software through APls
  • Configurable reporting to meet your unique needs across business units and regions of operation
  • Dashboard views to track GHG progress on a monthly and quarterly basis relative to your goals
  • Alerts launched when actuals deviate from expected values with the option to provide narrative to enrich the database 


"Are we going to meet our goals this month, this quarter, this year?" This is the key question your software should help answer for you and your leadership team. 

Global Electricity Demand | Global Electricity Intensity


Lean out your GHG Footprint


  • Scenario analysis tools to simulate different paths to achieving your Net Zero goals
  • Incorporate the 'cost of carbon' into your operations and commercial tools across the enterprise.
  • Empower your front line and corporate EHS teams to submit and evaluate projects to reduce GHG to and associated ROI
  • Construct a multi-year operational plan for each asset to forecast GHG emissions and compare to your set targets
  • Incorporate GHG reduction projects into your operational plan 


Find the path to net zero for your enterprise.

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