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The Smart Factory for Discrete Manufacturing

The Smart Factory for Discrete Manufacturing


Labor disruptions, a shortage of IT resources, cobbled together plant systems, and lots of data but not the right data or visibility. Does this sound familiar? Learn how discrete manufacturers are overcoming these challenges by applying Smart Factory innovation and digital transformation such as:


  • Integrated manufacturing
  • Cloud-based manufacturing execution
  • Out-of-the-box analytics
  • Enterprise-wide visibility
  • Mobility


Join us for this IndustryWeek-hosted webinar and learn how you can:


  • Track actual labor: Digitize labor records by labor type (setup, running, rework, etc.) to capture the true cost of labor.
  • Achieve First Time Right Quality: Digitizing route operations, work instructions, BOMs and specifications can help prevent operators from making mistakes. Digital quality records enable fast, real-time analysis. Capturing nonconformances as soon as possible reduces expensive rework. 
  • Keep ERP up to date in real time: Reduce raw material, WIP and finished goods inventories as well as creating more accurate scheduling, shipping dates and customer service responses.


Speaker: Joe Gerstl, Director, MES Product Management, GE Digital

Event Details

DATE AND TIME Mar 30, 2022 Starts at 02:00 PM - Ends at 03:00 PM Time is EST
HOSTED BY IndustryWeek

Event Speaker

Joe Gerstl

Joe Gerstl

Director, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

GE Digital