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The New Normal for Electric Utilities: Digitalization for Resiliency

Jun 17, 2020

The New Normal for Electric Utilities: Digitalization for Resiliency


Business resiliency is the ability to adapt to disruptions while maintaining operations and safeguarding customers, employees, and assets. Over the past few months, business resiliency has been significantly tested. Electric utilities have dealt with disruptions in operations, a shift to at-home working, and an urgent need to put the safety and well-being of customers and employees at the forefront of every process. This re-evaluation of people and processes has centered around one driving force: digital transformation.


In this discussion, two industry experts will discuss the role digital transformation plays in business resiliency and the lessons learned over the past few months. As they answer the question, “What is the new normal?” they’ll cover the following key topics:


  • How electric utilities prepare for disasters
  • How to enable a remote workforce and secure working environments
  • How to support critical control rooms, routine maintenance, and unplanned outages
  • How to communicate with employees and customers


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DATE AND TIME Jun 17, 2020 Starts at 01:00 PM - Ends at 01:45 PM

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