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Making your SCADA flexible

Jul 01, 2020

Making your SCADA flexible


During the Covid situation we have noticed that Flexworking and remote access are the new standards. For these reasons we have chosen this subject; make your SCADA flexible because CIMPLICITY and iFIX are both proven automation platforms that support manufacturers and utilities managing their operations and improve decision-making. Through Webspace the screens are full HTML5 compliant and support responsive design concepts. This means that the HMI can be viewed on your mobile, tablet or any other device. A flexible work environment is within reach!


Join GE Digital product experts David Collard, Scott Duhaime and Joe Gerstl for the Remote Access Webinar Series offered by our partner Control & Protection NV.

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DATE AND TIME Jul 01, 2020 Starts at 03:00 PM - Ends at 04:00 PM

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