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3 Good reasons to invest in an MES!

Nov 04, 2020

3 Good reasons to invest in an MES!

3 Les bonnes raisons d’investir dans un MES !


This webinar will be in French.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) solutions appeared on the market more than 20 years ago. They are, however, far from being widely used. Many factories use hybrid applications, made up of software modules that often only cover part of the needs and are difficult to maintain.


MES also suffers from a bad reputation with certain manufacturers who have been confronted with the long and expensive implementation of first generation systems. 


Since its origins, MES has evolved dramatically to become an essential element, to such an extent that the “traditional” models which define it have become partly obsolete. The technologies of the 21st century, such as the Cloud, AI and Machine Learning make it today an essential tool in the implementation of digital transformation. 


The purpose of this webinar is to demystify MES and understand how you can use it to gain a competitive advantage, especially now. We will also discuss the criteria for choosing and MES system and we will review the five functions that constitute the pillars of a modern MES, from good data management to advanced analysis.  


Our speaker, Bernard Cubizolles, Global Marketing Director, Digital Plant at GE Digital, will provide you with very concrete solutions, illustrated with customer cases and will answer your questions directly. 

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DATE AND TIME Nov 04, 2020 Starts at 02:00 PM - Ends at 02:45 PM

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3 Good reasons to invest in an MES!

Nov 04, 2020

Join GE Digital's Bernard Cubizolles, for this webinar to demystify MES and gain a competitive advantage. In French, hosted by L'Usine Nouvelle.

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