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GE Digital is proud to sponsor EUCI's Switching Gears on Renewables and DER Grid Integration – Now How to Scale? online event.


Hear lessons learned from front runners, challenges overcome, and global adaptation strategies.


GE Digital's Frederic Wauguiez, Solution Director Renewables and DER Orchestration, will moderate a discussion with the following industry leaders on how they are rethinking the grid.



  • Diogo Lopes, Operational Reporting and Data Management – EDP

  • Ranko Stojakovic, Manager, Network Operations Center – Stedin

  • Yi Li, Supervising Engineer—PPL

  • Jim Liero, Transmission Ops TMS Supervisor –PPL


Event overview:


The era of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) pilot projects is over. Renewables and DERs are now growing at such a rapid pace that utilities need to be thinking ahead of this transition. The traditional power system engineering paradigm is turned upside-down: causing us to rethink the relationship of transmission and distribution and the frequency by which load is managed.


The transition occurring in today’s energy market to a sustainable grid creates some important questions:


  • How can utilities stay ahead of the DER revolution where assets are marketed and commissioned by third-party companies on their service territory?
  • How can grid operators keep OT systems in synch with how these devices evolve over time, from both their technical and contractual attributes?
  • How can utilities model, visualize, monitor and, ultimately control these DER devices which do not belong to them?
  • How can owners and operators arbitrate the conflicting objectives, at any moment in time, between Transmission, Distribution, and the prosumer, about how renewables and DERs should be dispatched or scheduled?


This free to attend webinar will cover these important challenges, questions, and exciting opportunities as we all move towards a rethinking of the grid. Come hear from and interact with front-runner utilities worldwide on how they approach these critical challenges.


Register today and interact with leading utilities worldwide.



Event Details

DATE AND TIME Jul 27, 2020 Starts at 08:00 AM - Ends at 10:00 AM

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