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Digital Transformation and the Future of Industrial Software Technologies

Digital Transformation and the Future of Industrial Software Technologies


As the new normal and future normal emerge, we’re seeing manufacturers and digital plants accelerate their digital journey. These companies are innovating under pressure – despite disruption of supply chains and labor. New regulations and safety measures are enforced in all industries, and global visibility and remote control and management are no longer a “nice to have” but critical. Now more than ever, the power of digital data is being called upon to keep manufacturing and digital plants safe, high quality, efficient and operational.


In this session, Ranbir Saini, Senior Director of Product Management, Automation Software at GE Digital, will discuss how new and emerging industrial software technologies are changing the way companies will address these challenges, allowing companies to be more agile, especially as it relates to adapting to the new protocols resulting from the pandemic.


Learning objectives


  • Examine how operations analytics are more important than ever, and how users need to think in terms of capabilities, not products.
  • Learn how the boundaries between the automation layer and the manufacturing execution layer (MES) layer are blurring.
  • Understand the democratization of analysis and analytics software, with specific capabilities embedded in the human-machine interface/supervisory control and data acquisition (HMI/SCADA) layer.
  • Look at HMI/SCADA best practices and trends to help industrial users, who are more demanding than in the past and most expect a great user experience (UX).

Event Details

DATE AND TIME Oct 18, 2021 Starts at 11:00 AM - Ends at 12:00 PM Time zone is EDT


Ranbir Saini

Ranbir Saini

Director, Automation Software

GE Digital