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The case for hybrid clouds in industry

The case for hybrid clouds in industry


These last years have seen a wider adoption of cloud technologies. In this webinar, we will discuss how this is changing the way software is deployed across industrial facilities and how the traditional boundaries between automation, MES and enterprise-wide applications are blurring as cloud-based apps are becoming more popular.


We will look at the benefits of moving to a hybrid cloud strategy including the impact on availability, security, and operational costs.


Join us to learn:


  • What criteria to use when considering a cloud-based solution in a production environment
  • The six main reasons for a manufacturer to move to a cloud-based solution
  • How to boost your digital transformation and become more agile and resilient in case of disruption


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Event Details

DATE AND TIME Dec 08, 2021 Starts at 02:00 PM - Ends at 03:00 PM Time is ET


Joe Gerstl

Joe Gerstl

Director, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

GE Digital