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American Automotive Summit 2020

Sep 16, 2020 - Sep 18, 2020

American Automotive Summit 2020


Explore how you can drive innovation at your company and optimize your automotive plants with Digital Transformation with our industry expert @Vikram Mankar at the @Generis Automotive Summit on 9/16. 


Key themes at this year's program:



  • Leveraging automation, robotics and digitization in manufacturing
  • Best practices for delivering manufacturing excellence
  • Developing world-class, agile and lean manufacturing strategies
  • Managing product flexibility as the transition to EV and Autonomous vehicles increase
  • Discussing how government policies and affairs like NAFTA and USMCA affect manufacturing



  • Enhancing roblem-solving skills for quality leaders
  • Developing your quality systems to increase efficiency within your production cycles
  • Ensuring product quality as technology and software integration become more prominent
  • Looking at the future of customer specific requirements
  • Managing and executing QMS implementation
  • Loss of experience management



  • P&L management for operational leaders
  • Balancing talent and technology in the plant
  • Supplier relationship management to optimize costs
  • Bridging the burgeoning skills gap
  • Improving problem solving across leadership teams as complexity increases



  • Launching management techniques to improve speed-to-market
  • Leveraging product development as a driver for organizational growth
  • Shifting trends of alternative materials and their impact on the plant floor
  • Maintaining speed and keeping up with demand as product personalization and range increases
  • Analyzing how product flexibility will continue to be a challenge as electrification and EV capabilities increase
  • Remaining agile as product lines cull and develop



Event Speaker

Vikram Mankar

Vikram Mankar

Principal Product Manager, Digital Plant

GE Digital

Event Details

DATE AND TIME Sep 16, 2020 - Sep 18, 2020

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