Revert multiple servers on a single machine back to a single server

After configuring multiple servers on a single machine, you can return to your original single server environment.

Before you begin

Important: You must exit all instances of Workflow that are located on the server that you are working on.


  1. On the server computer, click Start > All Programs > General Electric > Workflow > Configuration > Configure Site.
  2. In the Application Server Instances and Enabled Product Options pane, select the service providers (for example, WorkflowServer and UserServer32) that you want to transfer back to SOAServer, and then drag and drop them. Repeat this process until all service providers have been moved.
  3. For each instance, select the Delete on save check box.
  4. Click Save.
    All services will stop running, the service providers will be reconfigured, and the unused server instances and their services will be removed. The remaining services will then start again.