Monitor system configuration and status

After installing this application, you can monitor the configuration of the system, including which servers and product options are installed and whether those components are designated as essential. In addition, you can ascertain the operational status of the configured servers.


  1. In the navigator, click Proficy System > Proficy System.
  2. In the Displays panel, click System Status.
    The System Status display appears in the workspace, listing the servers configured for the site. For each server, the display reflects whether the server is designated as essential; the essential and nonessential product options (or services) hosted on the server, if applicable; and whether the server is Stable or Unreachable.
    Note: The System Status display is read-only. However, you can use the Configure Site tool to modify site configuration, including designating whether servers or the product options that run on them are essential, moving product options between servers, disabling product options, and/or deleting servers that are not hosting product options.