Modify security certificates

The Configure Certificates tool is used to change or update the security certificates you configured during the server installation.

Before you begin

Before you modify security certificates:
  • Copy security certificates and transfer the copies to your extension servers.
  • Update the security certificates to match the server.

About this task

Related Server Notes
  • For an extension server installation (that is, a multiple server or server failover cluster), you must copy the ProficyPlatform and Proficy STS security certificates from the main server onto a disk or other portable device, and then transfer those certificate copies to your extension servers. The SSL/TLS Server Certificate must be unique to each server.
  • If you change the certificate option on your servers, all remote clients connected to those servers must have their security certificates updated to match the server. Use the Configure Client tool to download the new versions of the certificates.


Beginning with Workflow 2.5, legacy certificates are no longer supported.


  1. On the server machine, On the server machine, click Start > All Programs > General Electric > Workflow > Configuration > Configure Certificates.
    The Security Certificates page appears.
  2. Select the appropriate certificate option. For full descriptions of the certificate options, see Security Certificate Options.
  3. Click Save, and then click Exit.