Configure security certificates for a reverse proxy

For a secure reverse proxy, use this procedure to install certificates to your web server using the certificate authority generated by the application server installation.


  1. In the Workflow installation directory, go to the following folder to find the required certificate files: <installdir>\Program Files\Proficy\Proficy Workflow\Certificates\Export.
  2. Copy the following certificate files to your web server:
    • ProficySelfSignedCAPublicKey.cer
    • ProficySTSPublicKey.cer
  3. For a web server running on Windows, run mmc.exe.
  4. From the Console window, go to the File menu, and then select Add/Remove Snap-in.
    The Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog box appears.
  5. In Available Snap-ins, double-click Certificates.
    The Certificates snap-in dialog box appears
  6. Select Computer account, click Next, select Local computer, and then click Finish.
  7. Click OK.
  8. From Certificates (Local Computer), expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities\Certificates, and then add ProficySelfSignedCAPublicKey.cer.
  9. From Certificates (Local Computer), expand Personal\Certificates, and then add ProficySTSPublicKey.cer.