Configure product options

Using the Configure Product Options tool, you can install and configure product options that you license and/or service providers that you have created.

Before you begin

Proficy services must be stopped on the server prior to configuring product options.

If you have created and packaged your service provider, you must copy it to an accessible location.

Note: Refer to Architecture Considerations for guidelines on deploying service providers based on architecture mode.
Important: Product Options Installation Information. When using the ActiveX Task List, product option updates made on the server are not automatically deployed to applications using the Task List. The ProficyUpdater.exe application must be run manually, with administrative privileges, in order to deploy production option updates on each client machine using ActiveX Task List.

Install one of the following server types:


  1. On the server machine, click Start > All Programs > Proficy > Workflow > Configuration > Configure Product Options.
    The Configure Product Options tool appears, displaying the product options currently configured on the server, including those included by default as part of the server installation.
  2. Proceed as applicable based on whether you are installing or uninstalling a product option:
    If you are...Then do this...
    Installing a product option.
    1. Click Install.

      Your directory opens at the ProductOptions folder within the Workflow installation directory.

    2. Select the product option file you want to install, and then click Open.
    Uninstalling a product option.
    Note: You cannot uninstall the default product options that are included in the server installation.
    1. Select the product option you want to uninstall.
    2. Click Uninstall.
    3. Click Save, then click Exit.
  3. Select the product option file you want to install, and then click Open.
    Note: You can select only one product option at a time to install.
    The product option is installed, and then the Configure Site dialog box appears.
  4. In the Application Server Instances and Enabled Product Options pane, select the server that you want to host the product option.
  5. In the Disabled Product Options pane, click the listing for the product option, and then do one of the following:
    • Click Enable.
    • Drag and drop the listing to the Application Server Instances and Enabled Product Options pane.
  6. Indicate whether the product option is essential by selecting or clearing the Essential check box.
  7. Click Save, and then click Exit.