Add OPC items to Workflow

  1. In the navigator, click Proficy System > Proficy System > OpcClient.
  2. In OPC Servers list, select an OPC server.
  3. From the OPC Groups list, select the group you want to browse.
  4. From the Displays panel, select HW/SW > Data Source Editor.
    The Data Source Editor appears.
  5. If applicable, in the Update Rate field, enter the rate at which the server is requested to update items in this group.
  6. Select the Enabled check box to allow event notifications to be sent to subscribers of items associated with the group.
  7. From the Read Mode drop-down list, select whether the OPC item values are read from the OPC server's cache or directly from the device the server is communicating with.
  8. In the Server Items section, click Browse Server.
  9. To add individual items or continuous groups of items, expand the list of items you want to select from, and then select the check box beside each item you want to add to Workflow.
    As you select each check box, the item name appears in the Selected Items list.
    Tip: To add all of the items, select the highest level check box. This check box is available only if the server contains 5000 or fewer items.
  10. Click Save.