String, Numeric, and Boolean Literals in Expressions

A literal is a textual representation of a particular value in an expression.

In Workflow, a literals can be Numeric, String, or Boolean.

String Literals

String literals consists of zero or more characters surrounded by quotation marks. If a string contains quotation marks, these must be escaped in order for the expression to parse.

Escape Sequence
\" Resolves to a quotation mark.
\\ Resolves to a backslash. Any other character following the \ results in an unrecognized escaped character error.
Important: Projects created in a version earlier than v1.2 that use \ in a string literal in an expression must be changed to \\.

Numeric Literals

Numeric literals represent numbers, including positive and negative integers (for example, 1024) and decimal numbers (for example, 1.9867543).

These literals can also be defined by using scientific notation:

  • [-] m. dddddd E+ xx
  • [-] m. dddddd E- xx
  • [-] m. dddddd e+ xx
  • [-] m. dddddd e- xx

One or more nonzero digits (m) precede the decimal separator ("."). A minus sign ("-") can precede m. The Type performing the conversion determines the number of decimal places (dddddd) in the string, and maximum and minimum values for xx and m. The exponent (+ / - xx) consists of either a plus or minus sign followed by at least one digit.

Boolean Literals

Boolean literals represent logical value, and can be either True or False. The expression language is not case-sensitive and any combination of upper- and lowercase letters are valid.