Advanced Search

With advanced search, you can quickly locate any resource that exists in your project by constructing search expressions. You create expressions using classifications, which consist of a model and an attribute or a property that is defined within that model.

Search Attributes

The search panel for the advanced search option has the following attributes:

Note: If you include a text criterion in your search, the results match anything that includes the specified text as though it was a *<text>* wildcard search. For example, if you add a text expression of '1' to your search, any item with a '1' anywhere in its name (or description, if you search on that attribute) is shown as a search result.
Hits countIntegerDisplays the maximum number of records that will be returned if no filtering is applied. This value changes as you add filters.
SearchSystem-definedSelect an option from the drop-down list to specify the search type.

If you select All Models, the models menu is not available and all models are searched.

If you select Selected Model, the models menu is enabled and you can select a specific model to search.

If a resource is selected in the Navigate tab, additional options are available in the Search list. These options are displayed in blue text.

Filter By: NameN/ASelect this option to filter results by name.
Filter By: DescriptionN/ASelect this option to filter results by description.
Filter TextSystem-defined alphanumeric string (A-Z, a-z, 0-9)Enter the text you want to filter by.
Note: Filtering is case sensitive.
ClassificationsSystem-definedSelect an option from the menu to include in your search expression.
Included ClassificationsSystem-definedClassification expression that defines which classifications will be included in the search.
Excluded ClassificationsSystem-definedClassification expression that defines which classifications will be excluded from the search.
Add buttonN/AClick to add a classification into the expression field.
Operator buttons: |N/AClick to insert an "Or" symbol.
Operator buttons: &&N/AClick to insert an "And" symbol.
Operator buttons: ( )N/AClick to insert left and right parentheses.
Del buttonN/AClick to remove the last item inserted into the expression field.
Edit buttonN/AClick to edit the expression field and enable validation.
Validate buttonN/AClick to validate the expression. If the expression is not valid, the text changes to red.
Clear buttonN/AClick to clear the expression field.
Basic SearchN/AClick this link to return to the basic search feature.
Fetch ResultsN/AClick this button to apply any filtering criteria and retrieve the search results.

Search Results

The results of your search are displayed in the results panel of the Search tab when you execute the search.

Tip: You can change the filtering criteria and click the Fetch Results button as often as needed to improve search results.

The results panel of the navigator has the following attributes:

ResultsIntegerDisplays the total number of results for a search based on the criteria entered.
Start New SearchN/AClick this button to remove results from the Results panel and return to the advanced search feature.
Find in ModelN/AClick this button to locate and highlight the selected resource in the Navigate tab.
NameN/ADisplays the name of any resources found during the search.
DescriptionN/ADisplays the description of any resources found during the search.