The Task List

The Task List is an interactive display that provides users with information regarding task and task steps of a running workflow.

The Task List allows a user to view or perform a variety of workflow tasks, as well as to monitor the progress of a these tasks. Within this list, an operator can view one or more tasks awaiting user attention. The displayed tasks are determined by the logged in user ID, user role, and the equipment location of the physical computing resource presenting the client application. This Task List is a component that manages the interaction between operators and the workflow execution engine. It enables workflows that require human interaction to progress.

The Task List also enforces authorization of specific Task List actions through the use of Workflow security and role definitions. For example, the logged in user may have the ability to start a task but not skip a task, or delegate the task to someone else.

Tip: The Workflow Task List can be integrated into other GE HMI applications. For more information, see Task Controls in GE HMIs.