Security Concepts

Before you restrict access to Workflow features, you need to understand how security works.

The security concepts described here are described in more detail in Understanding Security. For information on implementing the concepts, see the Workflow Users and Groups section.

  • People - allow you to define security credentials and properties that are specific to an individual user. Security credentials and properties are defined in the S95 Model Editor.
  • Key Sets - allow you to assign permissions to users who hold a specific key set. In addition, key sets inherit permissions from their child sets. Workflow provides the following predefined high level key sets:
    • Guest
    • S95 Configurator
    • Workflow Author

    The S95 Configurator key set includes the following child key sets:

    • Equipment Configurator
    • Material Configurator
    • Personnel Configurator

    The Workflow Author key set includes the following child key sets:

    • Workflow Builder
    • Workflow Manager
    • Workflow Supervisor
    • Workflow Operator
    You can also create your own key sets at any level.
  • Groups – allow you to create groups of users who share the same key sets. Workflow provides the predefined groups Administrators, Guests, and Windows Users.
  • Client Access – allows you to configure automatic login and logout, lockdown mode, default startup options for an individual workstation, and user overrides.