Login and Logout Capabilities

Workflow access can be configured in multiple ways. You can configure automatic login and logout on individual computers, on all computers in your system, or on a subset of computers in your system. You can also retain manual login and logout on a global basis or on specific computers.

By logging in, users identify themselves as Workflow users or Windows domain users and gain access to resources that they are authorized to use. Automatic login can be configured for a specific Workflow user, or the currently logged in Windows domain user on individual workstations, or can be configured to automatically log in the currently logged in Windows domain user on either individual workstations or on all computers in the system.

User TypeAutologin to Individual Computers?Autologin to All Computers?
Workflow userYesNo
Windows userYesYes

Manual login means that, regardless of permissions and key set configuration for users and groups, login credentials must be entered manually to access Workflow.

Note: To log in to Workflow, the system must be in a state of either Complete or Partial health. For more information, see System Health and Program Use.