Logging in with One Login Dialog Box with iFIX

Webspace provides the ability to pass through the authenticated Windows user from the Webspace session without asking for re-authentication in iFIX.  To enable on the Webspace Server, select Tools > Options. From the Host Options dialog box, select the Authentication tab and then the Integrated Windows Authentication check box.

If enabled, no longer will you see the double logins: one for Webspace and one for the iFIX session. Logins are simplified to a single login with this feature enabled.

However, if you need to do writes within your picture from a Webspace session, the currently logged in user MUST be logged out and manually logged back in. In order to do this in iFIX, you need to have a login script in the picture to open the iFIX Login dialog box. For more information, refer to the LogIn Subroutine section of the iFIX Automation Reference. Otherwise, writes will not be allowed from the following:

  • A Datalink
  • An Alarm Acknowledgement (in the Alarm Summary or Command Expert)
  • A Write Value change (Command Expert)
  • A Ramp Value change (Command Expert)
  • The Toggle Digital Value (Command Expert)
  • The Toggle Scan (Command Expert)
  • Within a DataEntry field (Slider Expert for example)
  • Through EDA (using the EDAQUICK tool)

How to Enable in iFIX

To enable this option in iFIX, edit the FixUserPreferences.ini in the iFIX Local folder. By default, this folder is: C:\Program Files\Proficy\Proficy iFIX\LOCAL. Add the SHOWIFIXLOGIN key and set its value to 0, as shown in the following snippet of code.


By default, this feature is disabled for compatibility issues with previous versions.

Note: For this option to work properly in a Relay Server setup, the SHOWIFIXLOGIN key update should exist in the FixUserPreferences.ini on all the dependent servers.