Language Support

The English language Webspace product can run on any supported regional operating system. For example, for iFIX these are English, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russian, French, or German, but we recommend using English regional settings. The language of the installed Webspace product does not need to match the language of the iFIX or CIMPLICITY software that you are running.

For more information on the available product version for each language, contact your regional Sales Representative. For a detailed list of the supported Windows Operating Systems (OS) for Webspace, refer to the System Requirements tab in the IPI.

Unsupported Items

SCADA client/server configurations with different OS languages are not supported. For instance, connecting an English SCADA Server (on an English OS) with a German View node or iClient (on a German OS) is not supported. However, Webspace sessions can log in from operating systems in other languages if the input language is added to the Webspace Server, and keyboard layout for the client is set in that locale. For more information, refer to the Configuring Multiple Input Locales section.