User Account Overview

Users consist of both operators and GE administrators. In Application Assembler (ThingWorx), a GE administrator creates and maintains user and group accounts for access to Web HMI environments.

How User Security Works

Web HMI combines its own user security with your system's user security.

To avoid user access issues, such as a user not being able to acknowledge an alarm or write to a Control Point on a Control View from Web HMI, make sure all user accounts match (exact names) in your system, Windows, and Web HMI.

You can set up Active Directory Authentication, which provides user provisioning.

GE Administrators

Members of the GEAdministrators group have default access to the following:

  • Administration environment to create Runtime content for operators.
  • Runtime environment to check its content.
  • Application Assembler to manage user security and visualizations, which include creating and modifying mashups, masters, menus, style definitions, and state definitions.

GEAdmin is a member of the GEAdministrators group.


GEUser is an operator with permissions to view and interact with content models in the Runtime environment. These members cannot access the Administration environment or the Application Assembler.

GEUser is a member of the GEUsers group.