Advanced User Tips: Silent and Quiet Installs

Did you know that you can further accelerate the time it takes to install by using the silent and quiet install options in our products? This is especially helpful if you need to install and configure multiple computers the same way.

You can even use tools like the Chef Infra Client (chef-client-17.3.48-1-x64) to help you orchestrate the installation process of the silent and quiet installs. The Chef Infra Client executable is run on a command-line, and can pull in cookbooks that details the products and options that you want to install in tandem. So, for instance, you could create a cookbook that installs iFIX, IGS, and Historian together with one command.

For more information on the Chef Client, see

For more information on the command line install options available in the GE Digital products described in this quick start, click any of the following links: