Installing the Plant Applications Server

Before you begin

  • Install Proficy Application Server.
  • Bind HTTPS or select a new port.
  • If upgrading from an earlier version of Plant Applications, verify that the MESCore Service Provider is uninstalled.
  • Install a hardware key.

About this task

The SOA platform installed with the Workflow installation is a prerequisite for Plant Applications 6.1 or later even if you are planning to use legacy Plant Applications features and Plant Applications data models without any merged SOA data models. You do not require a Workflow license to use Plant Applications 6.1 or later with the UMDB unless you plan to use workflows.

The configuresite.log and configureproficymocule.log files can be useful for troubleshooting if a service provider is not correctly installed. These logs are stored under users\application data proficy\log in the Documents and Settings folder or at \programdata\proficy\logs.


  1. Select Plant Applications Server from the Installation menu to start the Setup Wizard. If the installation does not automatically start, locate and double-click the ProficyServer.exe file.
  2. Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), then click I Agree to continue.
  3. Enter the administrator credentials for the Proficy (Workflow) SOA Server or Proficy (Workflow) Client at the Configure Security screen, then click Next to continue.

    In the following example, Admin is the Administrator Name that was entered when installing Workflow.

  4. If needed, select Install Plant Applications Service Provider (PASP) at the Install PASP screen, and click Next.
    Note: The PASP supports Plant Applications versions 4.4.1 and 5.0 for customers using interface methods published with the old version of the service provider. A standalone installation program is available if you install the PASP at a later time. The new MESCore Service Provider, which supports the UMDB, is installed with Plant Applications 6.0 or higher. Methods for the PASP remain documented in the Proficy Workflow help. You must install the PASP to run any workflow applications developed to run against Plant Applications 6.0 and earlier, as they will not run with the new MESCore SP.
  5. From the Ready to Install screen, click Install to start the installation.

    The installation script times out after 10 minutes if the Proficy Server service does not start, and prompts you to manually start the service. Once the service is started, the installation automatically continues.

    The installation script performs the following actions:

    • Maps user accounts to the installed database.
    • Installs Plant Applications Server.
    • Sets COM DLLs and ActiveX controls by registering the following files:
      • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Proficy\Plant Applications\PRMsgs.dll
      • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Proficy\Plant Applications\ProfSVR.dll
    • Creates the Plant Applications database and tables, and populates the database (database size affects length of time).
    • Installs the MESCore Service Provider module.
    • Stops the Proficy Server, Proficy Publisher, and Proficy STS services.
    • Installs product options, including displays, and sets up the Proficy site, Plant Applications services, and MESCore service views and triggers.
    • Creates a BAT file with uninstall settings.
    • Calls a data model loader to create aspect tables for the database.
    • Starts the PRLicenseMgr, PRProficyMgr, and Plant Applications services, and restarts Proficy services.
  6. From the Configure Site screen, enable any essential product items.

    Click Save to save your changes, then click Exit to complete the wizard.

  7. Click Exit to close the wizard.
  8. Confirm that the Proficy Server and Proficy Server Manager services are started. If services fail to start, check the applicable log files.
  9. Verify your installation by checking the installation log files.
    <Drive>:\<Program Files>\Proficy\Proficy Database\SetupLogsVerify that Verifies.log and StoredProcedures.log files for the UMDB contain no errors.
    <Drive>:\<Program Files>\Proficy\Proficy Server\SetupLogsVerify that its StoredProcedures.log file contains no errors.
    <Drive>:\<Program Files>\Proficy\Proficy Server\LogFilesVerify that the Plant Applications Service log files, CalculationMgr-xx.log files, and Gateway-xx.log files contain a Connected to Router notification. This notification indicates that the TCP/IP communications are functioning successfully on the Plant Applications Server.
    <Drive>:\<Program Files>\Proficy\Proficy Server\LogFilesVerify that the Router-xx.log file initialized successfully and does not contain any errors.