Installing the Plant Applications SDK

The Plant Applications SDK is a DLL that exposes methods to read and write Plant Applications data to use with VB.NET applications, Excel reports, and so forth.

About this task

A functional change has been introduced for Plant Applications SDK to address the incorrect message issue. In the event a message is sent to the database manager with Write Direct = False and Pending = False, a “pre” message was issued. Now, with the introduction of the messaging bridge a “post” message is issued, which is the proper implementation.

Existing functionality where Write Direct = True is unchanged.

Plant Applications 6.1 added a COM wrapper to the .NET SDK to use with C# or VB.NET applications. Refer to the Plant Applications Help for coding examples. When upgrading from the .COM SDK, SDK applications must be completely rewritten to use the .NET SDK. For more information, see the knowledgebase at the Support site.

Note: The COM wrapper does not support BigInt (long integers) in the Tests table because Visual Basic and COM do not support 64 bits.


  1. Select Plant Applications .NET SDK from the Installation Menu.
  2. Click Next at the Welcome screen.
  3. From the Setup Type screen, select Typical to install DLLs or Custom to provide options to install help or the SDK test application.
  4. Click Next. If you selected the Custom installation options, make the applicable selections.
  5. Click Finish.