Installing the Plant Applications Client and Administrator

If you are using Web Server reports, install the Plant Applications Report (Web) Server after installing the Plant Applications Server, but before installing a Plant Applications Client.

Before you begin

The Report (Web) Server is required for Web Server reports. Before installing, verify that the required IIS roles are installed. When installing IIS, make sure that WebDAV is not installed.

If an error occurs when loading the ISAPI filters, check the ISAPI file path.

About this task

The client installation installs the Plant Applications Client and Administrator, Plant Applications Excel Add-in, Downtime Supervisor Screens, and Help files. It also installs Development tools and remote services, including the Plant Applications OPC Server and Remote Data Services. Plant Applications Administrator is the primary means of maintaining and managing the Plant Applications software. You can control system security by limiting the number of computers with the Administrator program installed.

To make it easier for technical support to quickly correct any potential problems, install the Plant Applications Administrator and Client software on the same computer as the Plant Applications Server. Also, install the Administrator and Client software on workstations that maintain the Plant Applications configuration.


  1. Select Plant Applications Client from the Installation Menu, then click Next at the Welcome screen.
  2. When prompted, click OK to review the Important Product Information page.
  3. From the Custom Setup screen, select Plant Applications Client and Plant Applications Excel Add-in from the list of options.

    You can also select Plant Applications Administrator, OPC Server, and Remote Data Services to install.

    No prerequisite software is required to install the Proficy OPC Server. However, you can use an OPC test client such as Matrikon OPC Explorer to test connections to the OPC Server. See Plant Applications Help to set up a user account.

    Click Space to display the available and required space for features.

  4. Click Next to continue.
    You are prompted to install desktop shortcuts and, if needed, Microsoft Excel.
  5. Enter the name of the SQL database server, or click Browse button to select one. Click Next to continue.
  6. On the next screen, accept or change the destination folder.
  7. Click Yes to allow Plant Applications to bypass firewall and port settings, or to make appropriate setup changes.
  8. From the Ready to Install screen, click Install.
    The Installing Plant Applications Client screen is displayed as the wizard installs the software and completes post-installation tasks.
  9. When the wizard displays the InstallShield Wizard Completed screen, click Finish. Ignore an error message related to a file unzip action not responding.

What to do next

Start the Plant Applications Administrator and Client. See Maintenance and Troubleshooting topics in the event of any server connection failures.