Unicode Utility

About this task

Unicode Utility can be used to apply schema changes in the Plant Applications database to accept the Unicode characters.
  • You must run this utility only after completing installation of all the Plant Applications components.
  • This utility supports the Plant Applications 8.1 version only.
  • You must run the Unicode utility where Plant Applications Server is installed.
  • This utility installer modifies the Plant Applications database. The schema changes made to the Plant Applications database cannot be reverted. Please make sure to take a backup of your database before running this utility.
  • It is recommended to run the utility on the database backup to know the exact downtime required to upgrade from non-Unicode to Unicode.

Install Unicode Utility

About this task

Perform the following steps where you have installed Plant Applications Server.


  1. Select Plant Applications Unicode Utility from the Installation Menu.
    The Important Information screen appears.

  2. Read the important information and then select Agree.
    The Plant Applications Database Credentials screen appears.

  3. In the Plant Applications Database Credentials screen, enter the Plant Applications database credentials as described in the following table.
    Server nameEnter the server name where the Plant Applications database is installed in the format HOST_NAME\INSTANCE. Where HOST_NAME is the host name (either a fully qualified domain name or IP address, of the server) and INSTANCE is the instance of the server used by the database.
    Note: If there is no instance for the server, you can enter HOSTNAME as the server name. Localhost is not an acceptable value for HOSTNAME.
    DatabaseEnter the name of the Plant Applications database for which you want to apply the schema changes to accept the Unicode characters.
    User nameEnter the user name that has permissions to access the database you entered in the Database box. By default, the user name appears as sa.
    PasswordEnter the password for the user name you entered in the User name box.
    PortOptional: Enter the number of the port that the instance uses to listen for client connections.
    Note: The default port is 1433.
  4. Select Deploy to apply the schema changes.
    Based in the database size, the time to complete the deployment varies. Once the deployment is completed, you can see the status being updated as Unicode: Successfully Deployed at the bottom of the screen. On successful deployment, the Plant Applications database will accept the Unicode characters.