Configuring a User in RabbitMQ


  1. Open the RabbitMQ management console, http://localhost:15672.
  2. Login as a guest. Enter guest as the Username and Password.
    Note: The default user “guest” is an administrative user and its login credentials are published on the official RabbitMQ web site. It is recommended that you update this user or delete it as per your local security policies.
  3. On the Admin tab, select Add a User. Enter the username and password provided for the RabbitMQ account during the setup and for Tags, select Set > Admin.
  4. Click Add user.
  5. In the All users list, click on the user you just added under the Name column.
  6. Set the required permissions for the user and click Set permission.
  7. The page refreshes and the user is added with the selected permissions.