Installation Overview

Plant Applications software includes components for Plant Applications and Workflow.

The Unified Manufacturing Database (UMDB) requires Workflow, but you only need licensing if you are using workflows. The Proficy Application Server installs Workflow 2.6. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Plant Applications, see Upgrading from Plant Applications Version 7.0 SP5 or 8.0 to 8.1.
Note: By default, all non GE functionality is installed on the C: drive. If you do not want to use the default location, you can manually install the non GE functionality to the required location.

Run the installfrontend.exe program as an administrator to display the Installation menu, which includes the following options:

Menu SelectionDescription
View DocumentationAccesses documentation.
Browse the DVDDisplays a dialog for browsing files and folders.
ExitCloses the menu.
Proficy Application ServerInstalls the Proficy Application Server, which includes Workflow. Workflow includes SOA components (without a Workflow license), which are necessary to support UMDB data structures.
Plant Applications ServerInstalls Proficy Plant Applications and the MESCore Service Provider with Proficy Server (Plant Applications) services.
Plant Applications Report Server Installs the server used to view Plant Applications Web Server reports with a browser.
Plant Applications ClientInstalls the Plant Applications Administrator option for administration and the Plant Applications Client option to access Client displays. Also installs Plant Applications help and other documentation.
Plant Applications .NET SDKInstalls the .NET SDK for use with VB.NET applications. It uses a COM wrapper with C# or VB.NET applications. Access additional Utilities for Plant Applications
Plant Applications Message BridgeEnables real time updates on the Web Client displays.
Plant Applications Web ClientInstalls the Plant Applications Web Client .
SQL Native Client downloadInstalls the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client.

By default, Proficy Server services are automatically installed on the computer where the Plant Applications Server installation runs. To install Proficy Server services on one computer and install the UMDB on another, run the Plant Applications Server installation on the computer where you want the Proficy Server services installed. During the installation, you can identify the SQL Server where you want to install the UMDB.

Note: The Preparing to Install Plant Applications chapter includes steps for setting up the SQL Server.