Working on Operation Tasks

You can view the status of each task associated with an operation, and acquire, release, or complete each task as applicable.

If tasks are associated with a operation, the operator client automatically adds the Tasks tab to the display when you select the operation, and lists all tasks sequentially.

You must complete each task before you can complete the operation.

  1. Locate an operation using the Search option, then click the operation to view its details.
  2. Where tasks are assigned, the Tasks tab opens by default.
    • Each task is listed by name, description and priority.
    • Click the arrow on the far right to display the task description.
    • By default, tasks are sorted by priority.
    • A status icon for each task is also displayed.
    Table 1. Task Status Indicators
    This status Icon... Indicates this...
    The task is not ready.
    The task is ready and available to be acquired. Only one operator can acquire a task at a time.
    The task is currently in progress.
    There is a hold on the task.
    The task is pending.
    One or more parts are in rework status.
    The operation associated with this task has been skipped.
    The task has been cancelled.
    The task is complete.
    The default display shows only the tasks available or in process.
  3. To include your completed tasks in the list, select the Show Completed Tasks check box.
    You must be clocked onto an operation before you can work on its tasks. See Working on Operations.
  4. When you are clocked onto the operation, click the corresponding button on the right to perform one of the following actions:
    Action Description
    Acquire Assign the task to yourself for completion. Once you have acquired a task, you can view all documents associated with the task on the Documents tab.
    Release Release the task from your work queue.
    Complete Mark the task as completed. You must mark all tasks as Complete before you can mark the operation as Complete.
  5. To return to the list of operations, click Operations in the breadcrumbs string displayed in the Brilliant Manufacturing banner. The string is persistent on all pages.