Viewing BOM Data

Use the Bill of Materials tab to declare and view the material lots associated with the operations and tasks on a work order.

Operators must be clocked onto at least one operation to view data on the Bill of Materials tab.
  1. Complete the steps to open the Operation Details page and clock onto an operation.
  2. If applicable, acquire a task.
  3. Select the Bill of Materials tab.
    If no BOM has been associated with the operation, the following message appears:
    Bill of Materials has not been specified for this operation.
    If a Bill of Materials has been set up, the following screen appears.

    If only one material lot has been declared, a single row appears in the grid, as shown in the BOM_Leg1 example below. If more than one material lot has been declared, an arrow appears next to the item name, as shown in BOM_Arm example below.

  4. Click the arrow to expand the row and show the declared parts.
Declare more material lots.