Uploading or Downloading CNC Program Documents

CNC program documents contain route-specific code that can be executed on a CNC machine in a production line.

When you upload a CNC program document from a machine, it is stored in PM MES Document Management. When you download a document, it is stored on the machine itself. You can perform only one download or upload action at a time on a given machine. To ensure your configuration is correct, refer to the Predator DNC documentation.
  1. Locate an operation using the Search option, then click the operation to view its details.
  2. Select the CNC Integration tab, then click Download or Upload.
    The corresponding page appears.
  3. Optional: To filter the list of machines before making a selection, enter all or part of a machine name in the Filter field on the right. The list filters as you type.
  4. Under Select a Machine, click a box containing a machine identifier.
  5. Select or enter a program document:
    • For downloads, under Select a Program, click a box containing a CNC program document.
    • For uploads, under Enter a Program, enter the name of the CNC program to upload.
  6. Click the button in the lower-right corner. The button name reflects your selection from Step 2.
    The CNC program document is either uploaded from the selected machine to Document Management, or downloaded from Document Management to the selected machine. An arrow in the document identifier box indicates the download or upload is in progress.

    Downloaded documents keep the same file name and file extension as in Document Management.

    If the name of the uploaded document already exists in Document Management, the application appends a sequential integer to the file name.

    Uploaded documents automatically populate the Uploaded By and Uploaded From document properties with the user and CNC machine identifier.

  7. Repeat this procedure to select a different machine and manage CNC program files.
  8. To return to the list of operations, click Operations in the breadcrumbs string displayed in the Brilliant Manufacturing banner. The string is persistent on all pages.