Reporting Nonconformance

Manufacturing floor operators create nonconformance records when they are working on a part that may not meet quality standards.

Clock onto an operation.
  1. Click the Report Nonconformance tab.
  2. For serialized parts only, select a serial number.
    Only the clocked-on serial numbers appear, and you can report non-conformance on one serial number at a time.
  3. Keep the Auto-Generate Name check box selected (default setting), or clear the check box to enable the field, then enter a name.
    If you keep the default setting the field remains disabled, since it is already populated with the work order name.
  4. For nonserialized parts only, enter the affected quantity in the Quantity field.
    The available quantity is shown in parentheses on the right.
  5. From the Defect Category drop-down list, select the category that best fits the reason for nonconformance.
    1. If you selected Failed Measurements, a second drop-down list appears. Select the applicable reason.
  6. In the Description field, describe the nonconformance issue.
  7. If a long explanation is required, use the Additional Details field.
  8. If custom properties have been configured in PM MES, the fields appear below the Additional Details field. Enter applicable values.
    Note: If you use the wrong format, an error message appears.
  9. Click Report Non-Conformance.
    A status message appears to confirm that the record was created.
  10. Optional: Repeat this procedure to create another nonconformance record.